Poured In PA Poured In PA


What is Poured in Pennsylvania?

‘Poured’ is a feature-length documentary about Pennsylvania’s beer industry.

What is ‘feature-length’?

The run-time of Poured in PA is approximately 90 minutes.

Who produced the movie?

Independent boutique video production company, GK Visual, produced Poured in PA.

This is our second feature-length documentary on the beer industry. Our first, Brewed in the Burg, focuses on the Harrisburg craft beer community. It ultimately inspired us to try to capture the full state’s beer story.

GK Visual is based in Harrisburg, Pa.

We produce a variety of videos for many different clients, from political to corporate to nonprofit to media.

Who is in the movie?

We interviewed more than 50 brewers, owners, and industry-adjacent professionals to talk about Pennsylvania’s beer climate, opening a brewery, community, beer styles, and trends.

Featured breweries represent all sizes and geographic parts of Pennsylvania, from Philly to Erie, from America’s oldest brewery to main street taprooms, and even a few breweries just getting their start.

Why wasn’t my favorite brewery included in the film?

With more than 300 breweries (and counting), it simply would be impossible to include every single brewery in Pennsylvania (though we’ll try to visit!), and we selected breweries that would best showcase the state’s diversity in size, style, and age, from large producers to breweries-in-planning.  

OK, so where can I watch it?

We’re busy booking screenings across the state throughout 2018. Please check our Events page on our website or Facebook page to find a screening near you.

If you would like to request a screening, contact us.